Venice Stairway Mural

Interior Murals give life to your walls and allow you to personalize your home as well as beautify it. We often use photographs of places that the client has visited or paint something of meaning to the client somewhere in the Mural. This makes the experience an artistic journey for all involved. With this mural you can see the faux finished column in the foreground, blending two decorative painting skills. There are often multiple areas in a home such as fireplaces, columns, and even cabinets and doors that can be glazed or wood grained to create a whole new look.

handpainted bird themed mural

Hand Painted Bird Themed Mural

Our  most recent custom mural was designed to mimic the etched glass windows beside it that opened out to a garden. The client has ponds and gardens that draw the wild birds, so that became the theme. Their favorite cat was placed just behind the birdbath and all their favorite songbirds were included in the mural. The vine design was from the etched glass and the soft green/grey tones were used to bring it to life. A soft gradient was sprayed as a background with all the rest hand painted with acrylic paints.


Tuscany Garden Mural

Tuscany Garden Mural

RESIDENTIAL MURALS   Studio 2 has created hundreds of murals in homes in San Diego, Del Mar, La Jolla, Scripts Ranch and Rancho Santa Fe to name a few. Our quality and artistic vision makes the process enjoyable for the homeowner as well as the artists. If you can imagine it, we can create it.


Vintage Pacific Beach Mural

Vintage Pacific Beach Mural

Exterior Murals, like this one at poolside in Pacific Beach, make your backyard something special. They can also attract attention for a Business or Event. Everyone enjoys driving by a skillfully done Mural. Below are some other outdoor murals we have created.



Rady Clinic Encinitas Ca

COMMERCIAL MURALS Studio 2 has done projects for the new Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego as well as for the clinic in Encinitas, ca.  We can make a waiting room or office into someplace special by creating a custom mural for your clients to enjoy.


ceiling-murals Nothing to high and the cost is low