ron-studio-2-artistsARTIST: RON JUNCAL

Ron Juncal is the owner of Studio 2 in Carlsbad, California. He studied art at Humboldt State, in Northern California. Using his training he built a business creating large interior murals. His unique approach to art has caused him to pursue a variety of mediums and artistic expressions beyond the confines of his commercial work.

Ron’s most unique works are in collage but he has also excelled as a painter with a colorful and edgy point of view. You can see his creations both in the studio and as a performance artist at Art Festivals and other events where his “out of the box” creations are enjoyed by thousands. He is actively involved in the arts community and has used his studio to spawn a number of young artists.

“Sweet Oliver”  (oils on metal)ARTIST: PHYLLIS SWANSON