This is our most recent ceiling mural. It features a selection of wild birds and is done in acrylic paints. We used spray guns for a soft sky and hand painted the flowers, birds and butterflies. This piece is in a beautiful bedroom so the client can just lay down on their bed and view a masterpiece. The mural below was done last year for the same client in the downstairs family room.

ceiling-mural-2Ceilings are a great place for a mural or soft imagery such as clouds. They can be used as an accent area with a medallion around a hanging lamp or handpainted into a ceiling inset. In this inset mural we have vines with hummingbirds appearing to be growing from the outdoors just above the hanging fan. You can also put a soft faux glaze int the inset to set it off and create atmosphere in a room.


ceiling-mural-3This mural was one of a number of murals done at the new children’s hospital in San Diego, Ca. It was 65 ft long and 18 ft wide. The Studio 2 Team created this on-site using spray guns.

This matching mural with a sun theme was done on the same floor of Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, Ca. We used acrylic paint applied with a spray gun.