Childrens Murals

Create a wonderful new world of adventure for your child with a themed mural. We can create your child’s favorite character, animal or place and even put ..

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Skylight Inserts

Studio 2 can create a custom skylight insert that draws upon the design elements of your room. Skylights bring natural light to a room but often can look dirty ..

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Ceiling Murals

This is our most recent ceiling mural. It features a selection of wild birds and is done in acrylic paints. We used spray guns for a soft sky and hand painted ..

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New Murals At Sea World

We are back at Cirque Island with our quick boat shuttle to the job. As we go we pass the acrobats preparing for the upcoming show. Hey fellas, keep your ..

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Wall Murals

Interior Murals give life to your walls and allow you to personalize your home as well as beautify it. We often use photographs of places that the client has ..

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Rady's NICU ceiling mural

Children’s Murals

COMMERCIAL MURALS Studio 2 has done projects for the new Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego as well as for the clinic in Encinitas, ca.  We can make a ..

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